How do your brand values & personality type guide your business choices?

I’ve been walking around for like 2 years thinking I was a projector. Ya know Human Design?

Turns out I put my birthday into the thingy wrong. Instead of December 9th, I typed December 12th. 😂😅

I’m in ​Jacki Hayes’ Launch Collective​ and she’s been helping us figure out what makes the most sense for us when it comes to launching.

The other day in our workshop we looked at our strengths and personalities with all the tests.

⚡ The VIA Inventory of Strengths – my top strength: Humor.

⚡ My Fascination Advantage – Innovation

⚡ The Four Tendencies – I’m an obliger (I wanted so bad to be a rebel… but alas, I’m not)

⚡ Enneagram: 7

⚡ Myers-Briggs: ENFJ

⚡ Human Design: Turns out… I’m a Generator. Which makes WAY more sense to me.

parks and rec, leslie knope, mind blown, mind exploding, exploding hands

All these tests are so fascinating to me, and it’s fun to dive in and be like, “YES! That’s meeee!”

Before we dove into all of these we talked about our core values. So I dug around in my google drive for a doc I made a long time ago when I had probably listened to a podcast episode about values and tried to come up with some.

Here’s what I found:

colorful, checklist, grid paper, humor, creativity, integrity, experimentation, genuineness, efficiency

Technically I added Efficiency to the list I found on that old Google Doc. But I think the rest are pretty on point for me and how I run my business. 

One of my goals is to be more intentional about these values and make sure I’m checking in with them often when I’m making decisions about how I run things over here at dd studios. 

But I was pleasantly surprised to see the list. I like it. 🥰

Speaking of launching things, the Anti-Hustle Holiday Countdown is officially up and ready for you to sign up! I’m really hoping to raise some money for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, so I’d love for you to grab the all-access pass if you can. 

anti-hustle holiday, audio series, deanna seymour, dolly parton, imagination libray, holiday decor, hot chocolate, peppermint, candy canes, gifts, mistletoe

You’ll have access to both Season 1 and 2 immediately and then Season 3 will drop on November 27th! 

It’s super fun and supports a good cause, so go grab your all access pass! J sayin. 😬



Client Feature:

I worked with my client Sarah to come up with this super fun branding for a new business she’s launching! It’s going to be a place for parents to get coffee and meet up with friends that will also have space for their kids to play and have fun too! It’s actually going to be just about an hour from me, so I’ll be excited if when it’s open I can make it down there to actually meet a client IRL! She wanted bright bold colors and lots of clean white space. I think we nailed it. If you’re interested in a branding package, hit me up soon, I already have some things on the books for 2024. 🥳

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