Being More Productive in Business

How hanging with friends can help you get more done

I’m talking about the idea of Body doubling.

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It’s the idea that you have a friend working beside you (in person or virtually) and not even necessarily on the same thing. 

It’s like how toddlers play next to each other but not actually together. That’s called parallel play. Same idea, but for grown ups, and for working on stuff you wanna get done.

It’s especially helpful for folks with ADHD because it gives us that structure that we crave, and the accountability that helps us not accidentally procrastinate again. 😳

Back when I was in college my friend Natalie and I would call each other up and be like, “I REALLY need to clean my room, wanna come over and hang with me while I do it? You don’t have to help at all, I just want some company.”

Then one of us would head to the other’s house and work on homework or lesson plans, or just watch TV while the other one worked furiously to “sort their life out” and finally stay organized. 

SPOILER ALERT: Both Natalie and I were diagnosed with ADHD in our late 30s. We were totally body doubling when we didn’t even know it was a thing.

And we would always talk about having to “sort our lives out” which was really just us struggling with organization, procrastination, and our executive functioning skills.

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So why am I telling you this?

Well, I’m having a Quarterly Content Planning Extravaganza on Monday September 11th, and you’re invited! 

It’s an all day coworking event from 10am – 2pm est (but you can pop in and out as needed.)

I’m gonna show you a peek behind the scenes at how I plan my content for an entire quarter… even as a person with ADHD… even as an enneagram 7! 

I promise you, it’s possible. And it’ll make your content WAY more strategic.

Kinda like how I knew to write an email about body doubling the week before I am hosting this planning sesh. 😬

So if you wanna hang, register here. You also get my new audio course Less Content, More Connection which gives you permission to do less and get more out of it. 

It’s a bit of an open house for Content Playhouse too so you can see what it’s like to hang out with me and get feedback and support while you implement your new plan!

And the peeps who register for this event will have a chance to join Content Playhouse early and get an extra meeting before doors even officially open. Coo huh?

Ok… Hopefully I’ll see you on the 11th. 

And even if you can’t make it, you can still register and you’ll get the emails to join early if ya want! 



PS… Speaking of hanging with fellow humans, Mai-Kee Tsang was on the podcast this week sharing her brilliant idea called Cuppa Catch Ups™, fun monthly invites she sends out to her email list. It’s a fun one! And she said this was one of the best promo reels she’d ever seen. Listen here. 

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