Building Community + Cuppa Catch Ups™ with Mai-kee Tsang

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Mai-kee Tsang and I chat about how to practice consistency with your intentions in convos with your audience. Tune in and find out how to show up for your audience, with no sales pitch prepared, or hidden agenda (even for introverts in an extroverted world!)

This episode is filled to the brim with brilliance from Mai-kee, as she explains exactly how to stay connected with your community without sacrificing your time and energy. Tune in and learn more ways to connect with your email subscribers on a more personal level with no hidden agenda.

Mai-kee and I chat about:

  • Breaking out of the business norms and figuring out what works when you decide to not follow the “rules”
  • What the Cuppa Catch Ups™ system is and how it can nurture your relationships with your email subscribers
  • How to manage your energy and set strong boundaries within your business

Time to start brainstorming cute and catchy community call names…

When given the chance, our community members often jump at the chance to connect on a deeper level with us, especially when there is now marketing scheme at the end of the conversation. If you’re ready to listen, people are ready to start talking!

Mai-kee offers a workshop that will show you how to sustainably and consistently connect with your community *without* crossing boundaries and overextending yourself.

Go ahead and check out The Cuppa Catch Ups™ Strategy Workshop with Mai-kee for only $9! Then let me know what you decide to name your calls.

Connect with Mai-Kee

Mai-kee Tsang (She/Her) is The Sustainable Visibility® & Podcast Guesting Strategist, ICF Certified Trauma-Conscious Leadership Coach, Public Speaker & Host of The Quiet Rebels® Podcast. She helps socially conscious leaders become *sustainably* visible so they can continue to make a deeper difference to those they serve – all without compromising their own capacity, safety and values in the process

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