How to Kick Start Your Creativity

Cassie Stephens on the cover of the Imperfect Party Podcast: "Kick Start Your Creativity". She's smiling on a purple background.

In this episode we cover:

  • Cassie’s imperfect journey to becoming an art teacher
  • What she did to get her creativity back after she got consumed with her work life
  • How to kick start your own creativity, even if you feel like you’re not creative
  • Achieving that work/life balance could be easier than you think

More about Cassie:

You can find Cassie teaching in Franklin, Tennessee, just south of Nashville. She’s written two books filled with sewing and clay crafts for kids and art teachers alike. You can also take a listen to her podcast where she shares all things life and art teacherin’. She’s also always postin’ super fun stuff to Instagram and TikTok; you should totally follow along!

A quote that reads "I gave my creativity the nidge, then suddenly the ideas were coming to me and I got more ideas of things I wanted to do and I was getting more excited about it." from Cassie Stephens Art Teacher

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