Making Sure Your Collaborations Are Aligned

Still from the movie Dazed and Confused with 3 men making the rock and roll sign with their hands and sticking out their tongues. This week's episode is about making sure your collaborations are aligned.

My friend Vickie Kelty sent me something that I’m seriously so bummed about this weekend.

It’s an online seminar called ‘The Art of Livin.’ 


If that’s ringing a bell, it’s because it’s Matthew McConaughey’s character from Dazed and Confused.

So, what does he have to do with an online seminar? 
Well, he’s teaming up with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

Marie Forleo will be there too. 

And I just googled Matthew and he was on Jenna Kutcher’s podcast 7 days ago.

If you’re familiar with my story, you might know that I purchased a course from these folks early on in my online business career. 

I bought it from Jenna who was an affiliate for it.

And it’s so weird once you get a glimpse behind the curtain of how these things work that I knew to check that podcast and sure enough he was there.

It’s part of her launch runway right?

I’m guessing that they’ll be selling something at the end of this LIVE event. 

Or at least a lot of people are gonna fall into the funnel at this event. Just like I did so many years ago.

I love that term, “Fall into the funnel”. Someone said that at the Online Business Shame Show that was part of Steal This Course, my course about seeing how all this works and making sure you’re only buying courses you actually need for your business.

Anyhoo… I just wanted to talk about the power of collaboration for a second.

I’m currently in Joran Gill’s group called Ready, Set, COLLAB and I’ve been meeting lots of amazing other business owners, and collaborations can be an amazing part of how you grow your business.

Just think about it.

Matthew McConaughey will reach a whole other audience that maybe haven’t really been into Tony and his friends. Maybe they even thought Tony was wack, but Matthew is cool, so now they’re thinking… hey maybe Tony’s not as bad as I thought. Ya know?

And you even have Jenna chatting with Matthew on her podcast. So now all the mostly women following her are getting interested.

Am I recommending that we all start building Tony Robbins empires with stars from my favorite 90’s movies? No.

But I’ve just been thinking about how for me personally, finding more collaborations helps me feel like the online business world is way more human, and I feel less lonely working in my office by myself most of the time.

But… you have to make sure your collaborations are a good fit. Because if not, you could accidentally start to be grouped with people that don’t necessarily share your values. 

Like for me, when I see Matthew hanging with Tony, my view of him tanks pretty hard. It’s not making my view of Tony go up at all. 

So it just made me want to record this quick episode to say…

  1. Collaborations are cool
  2. Make sure you’re collaborating with people who are a good fit for you.

Ok, see ya next time!

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