What Genre is Your Short Form Video Strategy?

This morning Matt and I had this conversation:

Me: Guess what I’m going to write my email about this week?”

Matt: No telling.

Me: Cocaine Bear.

Black bear with cocaine mountains and green trees wearing 80s sunglasses and bloody claw marks graphics. Cocaine Bear is an example of a very specific content genre.

It’s based on a real life bear that ingested nearly 75 pounds of cocaine that was dropped from an airplane by a drug smuggler in 1985.

Ok, so the real life bear didn’t actually go on a wild killing spree like the one in the movie, but it makes for a great comedic horror movie, which I’m always down for.

I was thinking 2 things after we watched it… how stupid it was, and how much I loved it. 🤣

Sometimes you wanna watch a cinematic film, and sometimes you wanna watch something that’s just going to make you laugh.

And I think it’s the same with the short form videos you make while you’re marketing your business.

You might think that teaching tips or showing up super professional is the only way to serve your audience.

But there’s room for lots of genres.

You can also give value in your short-form videos by:

  • Making them laugh
  • Giving them a pep talk
  • Busting in with an Ah-Ha moment
  • Allowing them to feel seen and heard

When people want to learn they can choose a documentary, and when they just want to be entertained, they reach for a mockumentary…

That means you can mix up your content plan and do a little of whatever styles feel fun to you.

After all, “Variety is the SPICE of life!” (See what I did there?!?) 😬

No matter what genre your videos fall into, the important thing is that you’re putting ’em out there on the regs to remind your audience that you’re still there and ready to help them when they need ya.

And… if you want someone to help you come up with ideas, write the scripts, edit the videos, and write the captions, I know a girl.


PS… It’s me. I’m that girl. 🥰 I have space for  2 more retainer clients  at the moment. Or if you’d just like to start with a stockpile of videos,  let’s talk about a custom project!  

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