Content Planning Ideation with Erin Ollila

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Erin Olila shares practical tips on how to plan your entire year of content, launches, and collaborations without feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

Erin and I dive into details of brain-dumping big ideas, planning with purpose by finding themes and seasons for the upcoming year and staying focused on a strategy to stay ahead of the game (even if you’re easily distracted by other fun tasks).

If you’re someone who values planning but also appreciates the flexibility to adapt and make changes, then this episode is for you. Erin understands that everyone has different approaches when it comes to content, and shares easy-to-implement tips for designing your strategy depending on your style (and what your audience is asking for!).

Tune in to learn more about creative ways to content plan, stay focused on strategy, and collaborate with others who feel authentic to your message and align with your audience’s needs

In this episode, Erin and I talk about:

  • Creative ways to brainstorm content
  • Filling up next year’s agenda with launches, content, and events
  • Creating content that compliments your strengths
  • How to avoid overloading yourself, and keeping things simple

Let’s map out the year together

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Plus you’ll get:

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