Consistency and Patience In Online Business

I spoke in a membership last week about how to be more consistent with your content and I did a little trip down memory lane of all my former businesses. 

I recorded a podcast about it back in 2021. Check it out if you want to hear me sobbing about all my “failures.” 😭

I started the first one, Missing Monsters, back in 2005.

I was featured in a handful of magazines and interviewed on a local radio station about it. 😎

Pin Pals had participants from all over the world, and I scored a Gallery show in Richmond. 

By the end of Wild Design Photography I was selling thousand dollar custom portrait packages.

I was pretty dang good at all the things I tried. 💥

missing monsters, ugly monster dolls, custom monster, one eyed doll, one eye monster, alien monster

But there were two things that were the demise of all of these businesses for me…

Consistency + Patience 😔

I really wanted each of these to be a raging success right away… so patience wasn’t really my thing.

When you start a business you want it to blow up immediately but the reality is, it takes time and consistency. 

Someone asked what I thought was different about this year in my current business that led to my revenue this year. 

There was no one magic bullet. Not one particular course, not one specific connection I made, or project I did.

It really was just being consistent + patient. 

That doesn’t sound great on a sales page because we all want fast and easy. 😳

As we reach the end of another quarter in Content Playhouse, I’m realizing this membership isn’t just about creating content. 

Content Playhouse can help you…

🔮 Get clear on your offer so you can make content that leads back to it

💻 Make sure your website is user friendly so that when your content leads them to it, they know how to buy your stuff

📅 Create a content schedule that works for you and your busy life

💖  Get the support you need when things don’t go according to plan (because it’s business and that will happen)

The main idea of having a business is to: have a thing + sell it to people. Boom. 

I think people overthink it because you’re trying to crack the code on how to make it faster + easier. Because all the sales pages out there make you think it’s that quick + simple for everyone else.

But I really feel that if you…

✅ set up simple systems

✅ make less content but better

✅ and work on being consistent + patient

✅ have human support (not just more courses)

It will 100000% work. 

There’s no magic beans. But making it more fun, and getting support from people who know and understand you and your business will make it easier to stay consistent + see the results.


PS… Doors to Content Playhouse will be open again from Dec. 13th – 15th, and the Coworking Quarterly Planning Extravaganza is on the 13th too! You should totally come hang! Here’s the calendar link for that! Also… a quick heads up that it’s $300 a quarter right now, but it’ll be going up in 2024 because I’m making it even better. But if you join this year you lock in that price for as long as you remain a member. 

PPS… Erin Ollila was on the podcast this week talking about how she plans her content in themes! It’s another approach for staying consistent that doesn’t revolve around the calendar as much as my approach. Erin is such a wealth of knowledge and I love how her brain works, so don’t miss it!

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