Automations that Sound Like YOU with Colie James

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Colie James is teaching us how to style your automations to avoid being robotic, capture your personality, and bring your voice into all corners of your business.

I had so much fun with Colie on this episode, because she not only gives practical examples of how to personalize automations, but also shares about the intricacies of CRMs and technology without making it sound scary! (I’ll admit I had my own doubts about automations)

When it comes to your community, potential clients, and anyone utilizing products and forms, are you making sure that you are saying thank you? When you’re asking them to purchase services or a product, make it personal to show why you’re the perfect person for the job. Spice up your landing pages and “thank you” automations with some personalization or even a hilarious GIF!

“Who they meet online should be the same person who shows up to perform the service.”

– Colie James on the Big Fun Content podcast

In this episode, Colie and I talk about:

  • Getting techy: talking about apps like Dubsado and TidyCal
  • Personalizing your communication, just as you would in a face-to-face conversation, helps create a stronger connection.
  • Test your automated systems and catch any potential glitches before they impact your clients.
  • Maintain consistency in branding

Simplify your processes

Although automations are made for us to simplify our systems, it can be a big undertaking to get them all in place. One way to free up your brain space and simplify your life is creating a Static 9 Grid on your IG! Colie invited me onto her podcast Business-First Creatives to talk about how I approach the art and strategy of designing Static 9-Grids, you can listen here!

If you’re interested in creating a static grid just click here to learn more!

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