Who do you show up on social media for?

There’s a lot going on this month (linked at the bottom) but I have something exciting to share real quick with ya!

My client Julie Brown had a reel blow up this week. 66.9k views and more than doubled her followers from around 1.5k to over 3 thousand! 🥳

Technically not “viral” but suuuuuper freaking exciting for sure.

But here’s the thing I’m really excited about.

Julie and I create her content for the people who are ALREADY following her. She’s a networking expert and is a master at building relationships. 

She gives keynotes all over the country and works with huge brands and corporations. She doesn’t need a huge audience on social media to have a successful business.

It’s not a numbers game for her, it’s a place to foster true connection.

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When you stop thinking about social media as a way to go viral, you open up space to make new friends.

And if something you make pops off for the larger audience on a platform, that’s a BONUS. But it doesn’t have to be your ultimate goal.

Showing up in creative ways and giving value to the people who have already pushed that follow button and raised their hand to be part of your community makes the sometimes icky world of social media feel a lot friendlier. 

Check-in with yourself: are you caught up in trying to grow and go viral? Or could you focus more on the folks that are already there?

Make your content for them. 🧡

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Especially if you offer 1:1 services and don’t need a million clients to make your income goals. 😬 J sayin.

Ok… now let’s talk about all the fun things happening this month:

🎁 TODAY – December 7th:
I’m so freaking excited to unveil my newest offer with a 43% off birthday sale! See all the deets on a lil’ google doc I put together! 

💻 December 13th: 
9am – 2pm – Content Playhouse: Coworking Quarterly Planning Extravaganza! 🎉 Here’s the Google Calendar if you wanna add all the quarterly dates to your calendar. 

🧁 Also December 13th:
2pm – 3pm – My Birthday Party!!! Hang out after coworking for games, prizes, and fun.

🌟 December 13th – 15th:
The doors to Content Playhouse will be open. It’s $300 a quarter and will open up again in March if now isn’t the best time for you to hop in. But… I am adding some things and raising the price to $500 a quarter in 2024. If you join this round you’re locked in at the current rate. If you want a personal reminder, just reply and let me know and I’ll reach out to you as a real human when the cart opens!

After all that I’ll be on a holiday break but I’ll still email you every Thursday because you’re my favorite humans on the internet.

Don’t tell all the people on Linkedin that. 😂


PS… I know that was a lot, so if you have any questions or anything, just email me! I’m here for ya!

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