The Not-So-Fun Things in Business

So admittedly I talk a LOT about doing the things that feel fun for you in your business.

My stance is that if you do the things you think are fun, you’ll do them consistently and stay on track to meet your goals. 

You can’t control things like algorithm changes, inflation, changes in the market, or whatever else the universe wants to throw at you. 

But if you really like writing blogs, you can set a goal of doing that as many times a month as you want. Then stick to THAT goal. 

And, in theory, if you pick something you have fun doing, you should be good to go. ✅

🤔 But what about the not so fun things that you have to do?

For me, that used to be bookkeeping. 

I was super intimidated by it, and the story I was telling myself was that I sucked at it and it was annoying, so I was just ignoring it.

But ignoring it gave me more anxiety, which made the whole thing even worse.

Sometimes business isn't fun. This cartoon of a person crying in the rain looks like how I feel when the universe throws yet another thing at me.

Until I met Callie from Radical Profits Club. 🎊

She made a reel where she was lip syncing the song Top That! From the 80s movie Teen Witch! I was like… “Woah! Who’s this bookkeeper who’s also a huge fan of 80s teens classics!?!?” 🧙

So, I reached out and I found out that not only did she have a free Quickbooks course, but also a membership. 

I immediately joined so I could change the story I was telling myself about me and my finances. 

I can ask questions as they come up and there’s monthly coworking.

I don’t even recognize my old bookkeeping hatin’ self! 

🙌 My QuickBooks is up to date

💰 Jan – April are reconciled

🗃️ All my receipts are organized in Google Drive. 

The Not-So-Fun Things in Business, boring business tasks, bookkeeping, launching, wait what

I know, it’s wild. 🤯 I even met with my new accountant and SHE was super impressed with me. 🥰

I don’t know if it’s my enneagram, my sign, or my human design type… but I LOVED getting that compliment. 

I mean, we all love a good compliment, right? 😇

My point is, even me, the queen of fun has to do things I don’t necessarily think are very much fun at all.

But there might be people you can team up with, or communities you can join that could make it a little more fun!

Speaking of other things I don’t think are fun… launching definitely falls in that category. If that’s you too… check out this week’s podcast episode where I talk to Jacki Hayes all about how to learn to love launching.


PS… Speaking of communities, I’m working hard behind the scenes on my new community that will launch this October! I cannot WAIT to tell you more… so keep your eyes peeled!

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Eff that podcast: Learning to Love Launching with Jacki Hayes. Jacki sits on a pink chair with her elbow on her knee, wearing a shirt that says "built feminine tough." She has a radiant smile! Thanks for joining the podast, Jacki.
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