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Eff That to Consistency

So for a hot second I was so overwhelmed with my podcast, making show notes (even though mine are “SEO Rich” and keep up with reels, and sending weekly emails that I was trying out a new idea with my podcast.

I was just gonna treat it like Voxer and just put out an episode when I wanted to. Turns out I needed to try it to get where I am today. (I’m adding this blog in the beginning of 2023… but I’m gonna date it in the past… sneaky)

It takes experimentation to figure out what works in your business. I used to be ashamed of this a little. Now I’m owning it more and more.

In this episode I talk about:

  • Why I am deciding to switch things up over here
  • Why I want to record epsiodes when inspiration strikes instead of when I’m supposed to
  • Why is everyone is such a hurry to do things?!?
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