You Don’t Need a Label to Struggle

Closeup image of a painters palette with an empty red tube of paint. You don't need a label to struggle, and we talk about how to handle it on the Eff That podcast.

I’m technically diagnosed as ADHD and get medicine from my doctor when I’m struggling. In this episode I talk about how if you think you need a diagnosis and you need help…definitely see your doctor.

But I also hear a lot of people feel like they need that diagnosis to explain why they struggle, but I think everyone’s brain is unique and different and everyone can struggle regardless of an official diagnosis. Ya know?

In this episode I talk about:

  • My journey with being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult
  • Why it’s ok for you do struggle with things even if you don’t have an official diagnosis
  • How everyone’s brains work differently and you can and will find your own perfect method
  • Click here for the transcripts
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