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Sharks + Minnows + Online Business

I was back at running club yesterday.

They decided this time to play a game before we started just doing our laps.

They played sharks and minnows.

Don’t even get Matt started on how that’s a pool game and playing it on a soccer field is absurd.

But, if you’re not familiar with the game here’s how it works. And don’t worry… this has a point, and it’ll be quick, I swear.

The lady picked about 5 kids to be the sharks, the rest were minnows.

The minnows lined up and had to make it to the other side without getting tagged by a shark.

If you’re tagged by a shark, you become one for the next round.

The more sharks there are, the harder it is for the lil’ minnows to get across.

A little boy named Henry bit it. There was mud all over his Sonic the Hedgehog sweatshirt and knees, and even a little under his nose as he walked back to his dad with big tears streaming down his face.

He wasn’t going to be a shark. He’d had enough. And damn, that’s one hell of a way to start your day.

Ruby didn’t want to play so we just watched. And after seeing Henry, I was kinda glad she skipped it. (Also, because I’m bad at laundry and I saw some serious grass and mud stains happening.)

But… of course it had me thinking about online business. 🤓

The more we learn from the people at the top and take what they tell us to do as the ONLY way to do things. We all become a little more shark-like.

Then we’re spreading the ideas and tagging more and more minnows until we’re all sharks.

Or we just quit like poor lil’ Henry trying to just start a business without all the other BS.

The more sharks there are, the harder it is.

I was thinking, “Can’t we just start walking?” I mean, it’s running club, but you’re allowed to walk, run, or jog.

Here’s the thing: You can just start walking.

You don’t have to participate in the online business game of Sharks and Minnows.

You can just opt-out, do you, and run your business however the eff you want.

It’s easy to forget that sometimes with all the advice and offers floating around out there.

I was supposed to record a podcast this week. I wanted to talk about consistency. Oops. The humor of that is not lost on me.

But the thing is, my business will still be standing even though I didn’t record that episode.

Wanna know something I want to do consistently this week? Stop working at 2pm.

That means I have to wrap this up in the next 3 minutes.

Ok. Later.

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