Sharks + Minnows + Online Business

I was back at running club yesterday.

They decided this time to play a game before we started just doing our laps.

They played sharks and minnows.

Don’t even get Matt started on how that’s a pool game and playing it on a soccer field is absurd.

But, if you’re not familiar with the game here’s how it works. And don’t worry… this has a point, and it’ll be quick, I swear.

The lady picked about 5 kids to be the sharks, the rest were minnows.

The minnows lined up and had to make it to the other side without getting tagged by a shark.

If you’re tagged by a shark, you become one for the next round.

The more sharks there are, the harder it is for the lil’ minnows to get across.

Gif of a great white from Jaws lunging toward the camera.

A little boy named Henry bit it. There was mud all over his Sonic the Hedgehog sweatshirt and knees, and even a little under his nose as he walked back to his dad with big tears streaming down his face.

He wasn’t going to be a shark. He’d had enough. And damn, that’s one hell of a way to start your day.

Ruby didn’t want to play so we just watched. And after seeing Henry, I was kinda glad she skipped it. (Also, because I’m bad at laundry and I saw some serious grass and mud stains happening.)

But… of course it had me thinking about online business. 🤓

The more we learn from the people at the top and take what they tell us to do as the ONLY way to do things… We all become a little more shark-like.

Then we’re spreading the ideas and tagging more and more minnows until we’re all sharks.

Or we just quit like poor lil’ Henry trying to just start a business without all the other BS.

The more sharks there are, the harder it is.

I was thinking, “Can’t we just start walking?” I mean, it’s running club, but you’re allowed to walk, run, or jog.

Here’s the thing: You can just start walking.

You don’t have to participate in the online business game of Sharks and Minnows.

You can opt-out, do you, and run your business however the eff you want.

It’s easy to forget that sometimes with all the advice and offers floating around out there.

Gif of aerial view of sharks swirling around a scuba diver in yellow shorts and a black swim top

I was supposed to record a podcast this week. I wanted to talk about consistency. Oops. The humor of that is not lost on me.

But the thing is, my business will still be standing even though I didn’t record that episode.

Wanna know something I want to do consistently this week? Stop working at 2pm.

That means I have to wrap this up in the next 3 minutes.

Ok. Later.

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