An Anti-Capitalist Approach to Productivity with Becca Rich

managing your time in life and business with Becca Rich on the Big Fun Content podcast hosted by Deanna Seymour

Becca Rich is here to share some tips on how to make time for the things that matter and debunk your beliefs that time management has to be stressful.

Becca Rich is here to talk about time management with a twist. Becca takes a holistic approach that considers our physical body, mind, emotions, spirituality, environment, privilege, and identity. It’s all interconnected! She challenges the notion of traditional time management and instead focuses on putting ourselves first, understanding our capacity, and filling our time with what truly matters to us.

In this convo, we talk about the interconnectedness of everything when it comes to time. It’s not just about optimizing every second, but about putting yourself first, figuring out your real-time capacity, and then filling it with your desires.

You are in charge of your time, you get to prioritize your work hours, life hours, and when you get breaks.

In this episode, Becca and I talk about:

  • Holistic time management
  • Creating a collaborative relationship with time
  • Prioritizing yourself vs. trying to optimize every second

Take a real break

In this episode, Becca and I chat about taking back time to your schedule and how it’s not just about doing less, but it’s about loving what you do more. Which is exactly the reason why I created my free audio course, Less Content More Connection

Because when I love what I am working on, it does not feel like time lost and I know that by doing what I love it doesn’t feel like I am hustling away my time.

So maybe it’ll help you too! Check it out.

Or shoot me a DM on Instagram and share some of your favorite ways to take back control over your time.

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