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I’ve always been the type of lady to just create something when I see a need for it.

There was that one time I flunked my Jazzercise audition because I was dressed too much like the 80s and corporate didn’t really think it was on brand in 2009. 🤷‍♀️

After that, I started my own punk rock aerobics class called MissFit Aerobics. ☠️

I still always wish someone else would start that up again. I don’t want the commitment of being the one in charge, but I would LOVE to go to that class. 

And I think that’s why I inadvertently started a Friday Morning Dance Party club at my daughter’s elementary school. 😳😂

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Whoops! My bad. 

If you’ve been here for a while you might remember me talking about the morning running club.

Needless to say, it wasn’t my jam. And over the summer when I was dreading the idea of having to do it again this year I started thinking, “I wish there was a dance party club instead. THAT I could get behind.” 

And since there wasn’t one, I just created it. 

I submitted a proposal to the principal and got approved. Boom. It’s official we’re a club.

I even ordered stickers. (Of course I did. 😬)

The idea here is that if you want to do something that doesn’t exist yet, that’s awesome. YOU be the person to do it.

You don’t need someone else to lead the way! You can be that person! 

yeah, you gif

But you have to WANT to do it. 

Don’t just start something because you think it’s going to make you millions or your coach told you to.

YOU have to be excited about it. That excitement can be contagious. And you’ll need that excitement when you’re tired and you don’t feel like waking up early or writing the sales page, or recording the video.

Whatever you need to do to support your awesome new idea, you gotta WANT to do it, otherwise, it’s that much harder, ya know?

Ok… so what’s the BIG FUN thing you wish existed in the world? And could you be the one to create it?

I feel like you could be.


PS… We’ve had two dance party club meetings and it’s been a tough crowd. Turns out not everyone wants to get up with their kids and dance at 7am. But like, why did they sign up? Just to stand by the fence and watch me and a few random kids dance. Weird. I guess my point is, my excitement for the IDEA of dance party club, and my daughter’s enthusiasm for it are what’s making me want to see this thing through…. But REAL TALK: part of me is excited for daylight savings this year because we won’t do it after that. 😅

PPS… On the podcast this week I’m explaining why I’m heading back to a biweekly schedule! I think it’ll give you permission to re-evaluate how much content you really need to put out in the world! Listen here, or click the image below!

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