The Power of A Content Plan

Remember maps? Like using an actual atlas when you were on a road trip?

1997 rand mcnally road atlas photo, Deanna Seymour punk yearbook photo, and barbie girl by Aqua

This is the same one I had tucked into the seat back pocket when I had one. I found it on eBay. 🤣

1997… what a year. That’s my yearbook photo (two tone hair… totally on brand) and a DARE shirt to be ironic. What a rebel. 

My friend Sarah McGuckin wrote PUNK in bubble letters above me to poke fun at my punk rock sensibilities. 🤷‍♀️

And it turns out, when I googled it, Barbie Girl came out in ‘97. (Although I was much too punk to listen to that.)

But that was definitely the same map I had. 

I’ve lived in Richmond for 20 years and sometimes I think I need to look at a map to really understand how it’s all tied together.

I depend on my phone to take me places so much that I don’t feel like I have a strong sense of where things are in relation to each other. 

I know how to get from my house to a doctor’s appointment, but how do I get from there to the closest Target? Sometimes I literally have no clue. So I just put it in my phone and then just follow the directions, again. And I never really learn where anything is. 🥴

Just blindly following directions is both simultaneously comforting and annoying AF to me. 

It’s comforting because it just tells me what to do and I don’t have to think about it. 

As a business owner, mom, and just human living in this world, I make enough decisions on a daily basis, so I’m happy to just follow directions.

But it’s kind of annoying when I realize that I don’t really know what the eff I’m doing.

I’ve lived here for 20 freaking years, why don’t I know how to get from my doctor’s office to Target? I like to consider myself a smart lady, so it’s annoying that I’ve let a map on my phone boss me around so much I don’t fully grasp the overall layout of the greater Richmond area.

This is my same beef with formulas and roadmaps in your business. 

It’s nice to just follow directions, but when you don’t know why or where it’s really taking you, it could end up taking you the long way. Annoying. ☹️

That’s why I’ve come up with something I’m super stoked about. 🥳

It’s called Your Content Map, and it’s gonna be awesome. 

🎧 An audio course for pre work

👯 A 1:1 meeting with me to plan out your entire quarter

🤯 A recording + transcript of the zoom call + a Google Doc with the entire content map laid out for you. Dates, topics, prompts. We’re talking about a GPS step-by-step map here.  

😛 And $500 credit to spend on design work from me in the next year. (To help you get your content lookin’ tight!)

It’s different from downloading a quick roadmap or following someone else’s formula because for this, you’re in the driver’s seat, and I’m your navigator. 

You’re in charge. I’m here to help with ideas, suggestions, and my expertise. 

And the idea is to have you creating LESS content, but making it way BETTER. 

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to have a clear path so you’re not just making things up as you go? 

But you’re also doing things your way, and not just doing what you’re “supposed” to do.

You’ll have a strategic plan that all works together with your launches, your offers, and has a clear path to help people understand who you are and how they can work with you.

Kristen bell saying holy forking shirt balls

I know, right? 

It’s gonna be $997 and I’ll be opening up my schedule soon for one per week, so if you wanna be one of the first to know when it happens, get on my mailing list for more deets. 🪄

Oh, and if you have questions, just hit reply! I’m here for ya!



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