Learning to Love Launching with Jacki Hayes

Jacki Hayes sitting in a chair with a tshirt that reads Built Feminine Tough.  She's this week's guest on Eff That Podcast.

Jacki Hayes is here to help us chill out when it comes to launching

Do you hate launching? I do. 😳 At least I did before we recorded this episode!

The truth is, I don’t really launch stuff very often in my business because I thought that I hated it. I was following a formula from a course I took years ago that just didn’t feel good for me. 

So when I met Jacki and she was talking about doing launches your own way, I was like, “Oh man, I gotta have her on the podcast!” 

So today I’m talking with Jacki Hayes to see if she can change my mind about launches. Spoiler Alert: She did. 

Jacki Hayes is a certified online business manager who partners with coaches to launch and run their group programs through hustle-free launch planning and management. She is also the host of the podcast Here’s What I Learned where she and her guests chat about what they are learning about running an online business. When Jacki isn’t helping others launch their programs, you can find her reading, walking her dog, or enjoying all things Marvel.

Jacki and I chat about:

  • Why people (like me, and maybe you) typically hate launching.
  • How you can flip the script on launching and think of it as a party. (wild, I know)
  • Real life conversion rates when you’re selling something.
  • The four phases of a launch, and the last one is GOOD.
  • And how to know if your launch was successful.

Ok, so Jacki was able to make me reconsider what I think about launches. 

I’m ready to get to work thinking about what I like, and don’t like, and what I could have the capacity for when I launch my membership again. 

How about you? Are you thinking maybe they aren’t as bad as we thought?

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