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Why focusing on one type of content will create less work for you and better content for your audience.

If you don’t LOVE the content you’re creating, your audience probably won’t either.

What if you just concentrated on the things you LOVE doing.

If you could only do ONE type of content in your business, what would it be? Just pick one. And let it be FUN for you. And make it the best content you could ever make. 

If that’s blogging, you blog your guts out. If that’s making a podcast. Make your podcast the best podcast you can make. You don’t have to record the video and put that on YouTube. You just do it the way you want. Don’t want to have guests? Don’t. Don’t want to make audiograms? Don’t. 

Make your content the way you want to, and make the content that you love, and your audience will start to see your passion and love come through your posts and they will want to connect with YOU.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

  • How I approach content mapping sessions with clients
  • How to utilize alternative marketing tools
  • Stay true to your passion, create real connection with your audience, and be in love with your business

Are you nodding along with these little truth bombs I’m dropping? Hit me up and we can talk about YOUR content map!

Join me for an hour long meeting on Zoom, where we get to dive into all of the details of what you want to be doing, and how you can design a content plan that fills you up with joy instead of wants to burn it all down. Creating YOUR content map, you can say “see ya later” to the endless hours spent brainstorming ideas and feeling exhausted by the never-ending content creation cycle.

Check it out HERE!

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