Storytelling Content Done Right

I couldn’t decide what to write about this week. I was trying to figure out how to relate that show The Bear to something businessy. Have you seen it? I love it! 🐻😍

Then I was thinking maybe I’d talk about Kelly Clarkson on Watch What Happens Live talking about which emoji she used the most. It’s this one: 🤷‍♀️Which I feel like I use a lot, so I really felt connected to her. 👯

Maybe an email about the power of emojis? 🤔 Nah.

emojis, shrugging lady, kelly clarkson, the bear, a bear emoji, thinking emoji

Then I got an email from Ann Handley, who writes amazing email newsletters BTW.

Here’s what it said…

👉 “Good content isn’t about storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well.”

And I was like…

dang! gif, guy with a mullet

Everyone’s always talking about how storytelling is the key to good content. 

But what does that mean? It sounds kinda hard.

You’re trying to run a business, not be the next Danielle Steel.

But what you can do is just tell your true stories to your audience, right?

Share about….

✨ your dreams

😥 your struggles

⏰ your past

🗓️ your present

💡 something you just learned

Those are literally what my last 4 emails to you have been about…

Dreaming about if I won the lottery

😥 Struggling to make Gazpacho

Me back in high school

🗓️ And Matt and I trying to stay off our phones more

💡 That’s this one… with Ann Hadley’s quote!

They’re all just little snippets of my life with a little business sprinkled in. 

You can just speak your truth, and your audience will connect with it on some level. Trust me.

It’s not about telling the best story, it’s about just sharing what’s true. 


PS… The first episode of BIG FUN CONTENT officially came out on Tuesday! I’m talking all about how you can try to ditch the pressure of content creation and just focus on one kind of content. Ok… maybe two. 😅Check it out and let me know what you think!

PPS… I’m getting booked almost into September, so if you’re trying to do something in the fall, reach out and let’s get you in my lineup. I’m trying a new system where I focus only on one project at a time and just keep moving down the list. You just pay a deposit to get on the list and if you’re not ready when it’s your turn I can go to the next person and then check back in with you! (it’s a new idea, so I’m just trying it out, but hit me up if you want in on it)

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