Stop Buying Courses

Last week I wanted to buy a Powerball ticket on the way home from a friend’s house, but I missed the cut-off.

It was up to a billion dollars and I just felt like the universe was calling me to get one. It was probably just the enormous billboard I passed on the highway, but I digress…

Some lucky human won it. But then I realized Tuesday morning that the Mega Millions was up to 820 million, so I decided to swing by 7-11 and grab a ticket.

I took my daughter with me and she was beyond excited about it. 

“How do we play?!?” she asked.

“You just buy the ticket.” 

“Oh, then what?” 

“That’s it. Just buy the ticket and then see if you won.”

“Oh.” 😕

Then on the way to summer camp, we brainstormed what we would do if we won.

Barbie dream house, lottery ticket, million dollar dreams, hot tub, pool

After much deliberation, she decided on us building a playhouse in the backyard that was just like the Barbie Dreamhouse with a pink slide that landed in our pool.

I wanted a screened-in porch and a hot tub.

Then I realized she was getting REALLY excited. I had to break it to her that we probably weren’t going to win. I didn’t want to do whatever the opposite of manifesting is and say that we definitely WEREN’T going to win, but let’s be real… we probably weren’t winning. 

But it was fun, even for me, to think about “But what if we DID!” 🤔

My daughter asked if she could stay up late for the drawing, which was impossible because I don’t even stay up that late.

Then she made me promise to not look at the winners until she was up and we could watch the drawing on YouTube. 

It was actually really fun holding our ticket and watching each ball come down. It sorta felt like the 80s.

Then the drawing started…. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. YES! 🥳

Waynes world gif, do you accept cash, cha ching, guy with guitar

We matched the Megaball with a Megaplier which I think means we get $8!

And guess what? I’m gonna buy another ticket. Let it ride, baby!!! 🤣🤑

All this excitement got me thinking about how I’ve felt in the past sometimes when I’m on a sales page or in a funnel about to buy an online course or membership or anything else that’s promising me all the things. 

You’re on the sales page and you’re like, “YES! This is exactly what I need!” 

Then you start reading the testimonials about people making 15k, 30k, 100k on one launch and you’re like… “HECK YES! Sign me up!”

Except most courses aren’t just $3 like a lottery ticket (with the Megaplier.) They can be thousands of dollars. 🥴

And you still might end up only getting $8. Or sometimes even less. 🤷‍♀️

It made me want to rebrand Steal This Course into Stop Buying Courses.

stop buying courses logo with deanna seymour, multicolor words in teal, green, orange, pink, purple, red

Although I still think the idea behind Steal This Course is incredibly funny. It might have been a little too clever.

People don’t really get what it is until I explain it, and that’s never good for marketing. Oops… my bad! 

It’s an awesome little course to help you Stop Buying Courses if you struggle with it.

Especially if you find yourself dreaming about a Barbie Dreamhouse and a hot tub while you’re on a sales page. 

If you’ve ever thought a course was going to be a quick fix for your life or business… this course is made for you.

(And there’s still a coupon code on the checkout page if you wanna steal it 😜)

Go check it out!


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PPS… I feels like a bunch of podcast I recorded are coming out one after another! Check ‘em all out… they’re all so different! I always love having these kinds of conversations with other amazing business owners! It’s the absolute best!

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