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We watched Marcel the Shell with Shoes On last weekend. I might be a lil’ out of touch, but I JUST realized that they created a feature-length film.

And that it was nominated for an Oscar.

And that the dude who made it is from Richmond, VA. (Where I’ve lived for over 20 years.) 🤯

A small seashell with google eyes and purple plastic shoes glued onto it standing on some bricks next to some grey rusted and peeling paint.

I made that little Marcel-esque shell back in 2010 when the first little short came out on YouTube. I was visiting my sister and me and my niece and nephew made them. (You know, when I was a younger, fun Auntie, and not a tired old mom) 😳

While we were watching, there was a scene that I couldn’t help but think… I need that for audio for a reel! So I smooshed the rewind button and grabbed my phone to record the tv. I’m not very high tech. 😂🤷‍♀️

Marcel says in his cute lil’ shell voice, “But sometimes you just have to disregard those rules and think ‘Well actually the rule is that I wanna be havin’ a good life, and stay alive and not just survive but have a good life.'”

What’s a rule you could break in your business that would make your life better?

I’ve been thinking about it all week… one that I think I could break is just not caring about analytics.

I wanna make goals based on the actions I can control, not the outcomes I can’t.

I wanna post one TikTok a day. (That’s a big one, but I’m gonna try to see how long I can keep it up… and how I feel about it) And if I hate it, I’ll just disregard it so I can go back to havin’ a good life again.

I’ll release a podcast episode every other Monday, and not worry about how many people are listening, just do it because I enjoy it, and I know someone is listening. (maybe it’s you!😊)

And I wanna keep sending you emails every Thursday. (Obvs 🥰) I mean, I LOVE doing that, so that’s actually part of the good life I currently have.

So…how about you?

Can you give yourself permission to disregard the rules and start havin’ a good life?

What rule would you break? For real, I wanna know! Hit me up and tell me!

Maybe we can hold each other accountable to NOT doing that thing? 😜


PS… Are you on TikTok? Let’s be friends! Follow me over there and I’ll totally follow you back. I only have a handful of videos so far and I’m just getting my bearings, so it’d be nice to have some buddies over there.

A collage of Zack Morris playing a broom as a guitar with blue sunglasses on. There are 90s graphic elements around him and fanned out $100 bills and an alarm clock. The words "Eff that: breaking the rules of online business hosted by Deanna Seymour" are at the bottom. It also says "This week on the podcast"

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