Why I Love Trading Time for Money…

I have less than a week to finish up all the recordings and worksheets for  Steal This Course . 😳

I’m totally on track to finish, but you wanna hear something wild… my planning and scripts Google Doc is 54 pages!!! This course is gonna be SO GOOD. And I’m so proud of it.

Then I’m like, “Why THE F*CK am I letting people STEAL IT!?!” Because I still think it’s funny, and apparently I’ll do anything for a good joke. 🤷🏻‍♀️

A collage of a cell phone  with Steal This Course the audio course on the screen. Deanna Seymour in a hooded vest peeking out and making a funny face, and a pain of white headphones.

I started pre selling it at the end of January because I was so freaking excited about it, and I wanted the first people who bought it to have a chance to come to the Online Business Shame Show.

Which we had, and it was AH-MAZING. People came and were so open and vulnerable about their experiences with spending money on courses, memberships, and coaching that they now regret having bought.

We talked about which tricks of the trade really seem to work on us.

Things like…

💰 “results not typical” testimonials

🤫 promising a secret or something we must not know about

⏰ telling us we’ll save so much time

📸 and even the pictures on sales pages can cause our imaginations to run wild

People tell you to sell the outcomes, not the features on a sales page. But how can you sell something you don’t know they’re going to get?

It never sat right with me. 😕

It’s why I love selling actual deliverables to my clients.

And I also know for 👏 a 👏 fact 👏 that I save them tons of time.

They don’t have to think about what to say in their reels or even edit them, because I’m doing it for them.

They’re saving that time. I’m trading time for money. 😵

It’s not some elusive “It’ll save you time because everyone will buy your course while you’re on the beach” save-you-time kind of promise.

If you would have been editing reels, and now I’m doing it for you. You’re saving time. #facts

If you weren’t doing reels before, and working with me is making you show up in new ways and grow your audience. That’s a real tangible outcome. Ya know?

If you pay me to write your emails, I give you the emails. There’s an even exchange; tangible goods.

Not some wild pipe dream that you might get.

Sometimes I wish I’d spent all the money I spent on courses outsourcing things in my business. Because that would have actually saved me time.

Anyhoo… all the content in the course officially drops on March 1st. And I haven’t even revealed a super awesome interview I’m doing for the course with two of the best in the biz at calling this kind of stuff out! 😵

At the time I’m writing this, 38 people have bought the course and 50 have stolen it. I think it’s fascinating. I’m not sure what it means. I think people are just nervous about what a course looks like that’s about not buying courses. It’s a weird concept, I get it.

Or maybe they just know a deal when they see one. 🤣

xo dd

PS… I was on the  Win the Hour Win The Day Podcast with Kris Ward  and we talked all about GIFs and how they’re more valuable than people give them credit for. And I give a coupon code for half off my GIF it Up course! So that’s fun. You should totally check it out. Just sayin.

Client Feature:

Collage with Raina Willick and her Static 9 Grid, Canva Templates, and a lead magnet called Find Your Friday.

Speaking of scripting and writing reels, my long-time client (turned friend) Raina Willick and I are about to start working together on her reels. Last year I did lots of lead magnets, YouTube and Linkedin canva templates, and even a static 9 grid for her. Now she’s ready to give reels a whirl, and I’m super pumped about it. If you think it’s time for some support too… I’d love to help ya.

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