The Naptime Hustle Myth with Taran Conwell

Taran Conwell wearing a white t-shirt, peach skirt and jean jacket and waving at the camera. At the bottom it reads, "eff that: breaking the rules of online business, hosted by deanna seymour"

Is working from home with your kiddos around really as easy as they say?

Today we’re talking about the famous naptime hustle. That sounds like a dance, but ya know it means you can be a stay at home mom and have a job and make money!

Well in the online business world, lots of folks are promising you how easy it can be. How little you have to work to make full-time income, and how quickly you can get your business off the ground.

I wanted to have my friend Taran Conwell on today to talk about the truth behind it all. 

She’s the host of the Undomestic Mom Podcast and she‘s on a mission to dismantle the watered-down version of self-care in today’s motherhood.

She advocates for millennial moms to say no, establish boundaries, ask for help when they need it, and take a freaking break.

Taran and I talk about:

  • The myths that we’re told about working from home with kids
  • The things both Taran and I have done to make money with kids at home
  • How Taran was able to make the most money while working from home (spoiler alert: it wasn’t online)
  • The fact that things like blogs and businesses need time to grow.

So, if you’re a mom, especially of little ones, are you trying to do it all yourself?

Are you feeling like you’re behind?

I remember sort of feeling like I sucked at both my business and being a mom at some points before my kids were off at school and baby school. (That’s what we call daycare here.)

So if you’re having any of those feelings, just remember that you don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes of anyone else’s business. (HELLO MOM’S CREDIT CARD!)

Phil Stutz says there are 3 things that are always present in life: “Pain, Uncertainty, and Constant Work.” A lot of what Taran and I talked about today points to that. I’m just saying, if you feel behind, or stressed, try to give yourself a break and enjoy the ride.

Connect with Taran:

Undomestic Mom | Podcast | Instagram

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