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Podcast Analytics – The Online Business Rebel Way

I accidentally got sucked into my podcast analytics this week and it almost got me down.

I was on a call with my coach and we were talking about my podcast and I pulled up the analytics in Hello Audio.

The numbers were down. Like, way way down.

It brought me right back to my days of being super entrenched in diet culture. I used to judge my worth as a person based on the number on the scale.

I’ve done a lot of work (and threw away my scale) to ditch that mentality. But business analytics can have the same effect on me.

That night I was checking my email during a Housewives and I got my weekly update from Chartable which goes into a little more detail than Hello Audio.

My reach and my downloads were up. 🤯 And apparently last week I was #127 on Great Britain’s Entrepreneurship podcasts? Is that even real?

Who knows?!?!

This is why I don’t usually get sucked into analytics.

The only people I really care about are YOU & ME.

I know I’m having fun making it. And I do get DMs from people saying they love it.

I started it a year ago, and in 28 episodes I’ve experimented a lot with the format. 😳

  • Solo episodes only every other week
  • Solo episodes whenever I feel like it
  • Longer ones
  • Shorter ones
  • Now there’s guests…

If you’ve been listening and you’d like to weigh in on what kind of episodes you love the most that would be rad. Then I can make more of that!

That’s honestly the data I value more, from humans I love. 💖

So yeah, if analytics have got ya down, maybe reach out to the humans you’re making that content for and see what they say.

xo dd

PS… I’m taking some time off this summer, and right now I’m booked with projects through mid May. If you wanna get on my calendar before my time off,  hit me up soon  so we can get you on there! 😘

Client Feature:

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Speaking of podcasts, I LOVE making GIFs for podcasts! It’s a great way to get your guests and listeners to engage with your show on Instagram stories. You can make them in Canva with my  GIF it Up  course (which will soon only be part of my membership) or you can just hire me to make ‘em for ya. Either way, they’re super fun to have to market your show!

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