Great Online Business Teachers with Azhelle Wade

Azhelle Wade laughs with her hot pink hair wearing a white blouse in front of yellow balloons. Great online business teachers create relationships with their students.

Azhelle Wade (aka The Toy Coach) are talking about how to best serve our students in online courses!

Now, I know I just put out Steal This Course, which is all about helping you get over the shame you might feel around courses they’ve bought in the past and not gotten results from. And helping you be more aware of marketing tactics used when selling courses, as well as creating a personal framework to consult next time you feel the urge to bust out your wallet and buy a course. 

It’s not about never buying another course. It’s about NOT buying courses you don’t need, can’t afford, or are buying because of an emotional reaction to a sales page.

As a former teacher, I LOVE learning. I WANT people to learn. It’s totally my thing. 

But scamming people to make passive income ain’t teaching. Just sayin.

Today I wanted to have on my biz bud Azhelle Wade because she has an online course. And although I haven’t personally taken it, I’ve had many a coffee chat with Azhelle over the years about her program, her students, and all the ways she can support them. 

And yes, it’s a balance between making sure your students are getting what they need, making sure you’re charging enough for your time, and figuring out where the teacher’s information and motivation responsibilities stop, and the student’s responsibility to do the work begin.

With my background in education, it’s something I’m really interested in. So I thought a conversation with Azhelle about all this would be super fun to dive into.

Azhelle and I chat about:

  • Her course Toy Creators Academy and how it’s evolved over the years
  • How she’s adding value to her course
  • Why she has never thought of courses as “passive income”
  • How you can scale your business and still provide immense value for your students

I know it might seem like sometimes I’m giving course creators a hard time. But really the teacher in me just wants to make sure that no one is treating their students like passive income.

And I feel like the idea of passive income is the allure of selling courses, but really, they are a lot of work. And if you’re going to care about your students and their success, it’s going to be a lot of work.

So just keep that in mind when you’re deciding how to create your course, and how you’ll support your students.

Connect with Azhelle:

Website | Instagram | TikTok | Toy Creators Academy

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