Waffles n’ Work: Coworking Ideas with Raina Willick

Raina Willick shares her ideas for coworking called Waffles n' Work. We always say yes to waffles. Here she is smiling at the camera while leaning against a fence. Two heart shaped waffles are next to her.

Do you think coworking could help you get more done in your business?

Do you ever look around for something and you can’t find what you’re looking for?

I feel like that’s the beginning of a lot of Shark Tank pitches.

That’s when we came up with it Sharks… Waffles n’ Work! 

Just kidding. But today I have the amazing Raina Willick on the show talking about her really fun coworking creation called Waffles and Work! 

Raina is a multi-credentialed Personal and Professional Development coach who helps self-employed people make the most of their time by applying design thinking to their lives.

She currently lives in France with her husband, 11-year-old daughter, and their slightly grumpy cat Grits on an adventure.

She has seen every episode of the office multiple times, loves building communities, reads all the books, hates horror movies, and aspires to do yoga every day but mostly…doesn’t.

If you’re coworking curious, or have ever found yourself thinking, “I wish I had some friends to work with on this.” This is your episode! 

Raina’s gonna walk us through how she thought of the idea, all the details about how she ran it, and what she’s planning on doing next.

Raina and I chat about coworking:

  • Why she started Waffles n’ Work to begin with
  • All the deets like: timing, price, number of attendees, and who was invited
  • The surprising thing about her price, and what she’ll do differently in the future
  • The fun stuff she sent her participants in the mail, and why she thought it was important to have that element

Waffles n’ Work was really the reason that I was able to get my booty in gear and create Steal This Course. 

It’s so easy to push things to the bottom of your to-do list. Life, client work, a crowded inbox, lots of stuff gets in the way of you doing the things in your business that you want to do. Or sometimes HAVE to do… like for me it’s bookkeeping and taxes and stuff. 

It was amazing that Raina provided a time and place for all of us to come together and get stuff done!

What do you think? Are you gonna try something like this? Do you wish you had more coworkers in your business? Solopreneurship can get kinda lonely and it can sneak up on you!

Connect with Raina:

Website | Instagram | Linkedin | YouTube

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