Prom, 1999

I didn’t want to go to my Senior Prom. Like, at all. 🙄

My high school yearbook advisor all but forced me to go. “It’ll be a memory you’ll wish you had.” It was weird coming from her because she wasn’t your typical adult and it seemed weird for her to be pushing me into it.

She was the kind of teacher that wasn’t mad when I was editor-in-chief and I listed her name in the faculty section as “Maura Isa Payne.” So why was she pushing the prom so hard. Maybe I should go. 🤔

So I did. With a friend named Adam Smith.

Here we are, Spring 1999…we fancy.

Deanna in a red dress in her 1999 prom photo with a guy in a funny looking tux.

You see my hand on my stomach? It’s because I was self-conscious and worried that I was gonna look fat in the photo.

It literally makes me wanna cry while I type this.

I started my first diet in 3rd grade.

My mom was always on a diet, so it’s just something I thought you were just supposed to do. Guess where she learned it? Her mom.

Here’s my Grammie and my mom on Mother’s Day, 1986.

Grandma flicking off the camera.

If you look close, my grandma’s flicking off the photographer (probably my Pap) because she hated being in photos too.

Because… you guessed it, she thought she was too fat.

It’s a pattern I knew I wanted to break in 2015 when I got pregnant with my daughter.

Photo of Matt holding Deanna's pregnant belly and yelling, probably gaining superpowwers. Deanna looks at him and laughs in a black and white striped dress.

I had already spent 35 years struggling with my body image and constantly comparing myself to others and feeling less than.

I still struggle sometimes with how my body looks because diet culture messages are literally everywhere we turn.

But I’m focusing on loving my body right NOW.

  • Not when I exercise more
  • Or eat better
  • Or get “healthier”

I think it’s easy to get sucked into the comparison game when you’re growing your business too.

To feel like everyone else has it figured out or is making more money than you, or it’s taking longer for you.

And just like diet culture, those messages selling us a quick fix seem to be everywhere we look.

But… what if you could just love your business NOW?

  • Not when you have a killer launch.
  • Not when you get to a certain number in sales.
  • Not when you make however many figures…

Just love it right now.

What if you could have fun, and just enjoy your business WHILE you grow it.

That’s what I freaking love helping my clients do.

I want to help you feel supported, seen, and inspired to have fun and ENJOY the ride.

Oh, and I get ish done too.

If you’re just starting your business (or wanting to breathe fresh new life into your marketing plan) and you’d like to make sure your brand is as awesome, weird, and beautiful as you are, you’re in the right place.

And I’d love to meet ya.


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