Best Friend’s Day

Going through all these memories has me reminiscing about a lil’ thing called Best Friends Day.

Best Friends Day has become an enormous annual event, 10 years after a group of us just went to the lake together to celebrate friendship. Here a crowd can be seen dancing while a punk rock band plays on a stage.

It was an amazingly fun punk rock day that happened once a year, for 10 straight years at a man-made lake called Hadad’s in Richmond Virginia.

It was also a place where I had to be seen, by every cute punk rock boy in town (including the one who would later become my husband) in my freaking bathing suit. 😫

I told you yesterday about my body image stuff, and it was hard to have fun while worrying about the size of my body.

But nothing a little champagne in a Big Gulp cup couldn’t handle…woof.

A photo from the annual Best Friends Day in Richmond Virginia, with my best friend, KC.

That’s me and my best friend KC. (not my husband) He’ll come up in a future email, so now you can put a face with a name, when you hear about him later.

The first Best Friends Day was just some friends going to the lake.

A group photo from the 1st annual Best Friends Day at Hadad's Lake in Richmond VA.

Just a handful of friends, starting an annual tradition. Now, just real quick, scroll back up and check out that photo taken a decade later.

Isn’t it incredible how much it grew? These photos are from a book they published about the history of the event. (I’m so fancy I made it in the book!)

But it made me realize that in the Online Business World is chocked full of messages that make us feel like we can fast forward through BFD 2-9 and skip to the good part. (Like that trending reels audio from a while back.)

But here’s the thing. I wasn’t at Best Friends Day 1 and I wasn’t at 10 either, (I had a 3 year old and was 8 months pregnant when that happened, so I was already old and tired. 😂)

But if they skipped the middle I would have missed out on all my memories. Everyone, even the people running the event would have missed out on all the fun and memories of those years.

There’s something special about the journey.

And for the people who started it with a few of their friends, they ended up retiring the event because it became so much work.

So they didn’t actually skip to the “good part.”

It was all the good part, from the first one to the last.

The journey was fun for them.

So is it possible that growing your business could be fun too?

That you don’t have to hurry up and skip to the good part.

Maybe you’re already in that dirty ass lake with a beer in your hand surrounded by friends.

Photo of Hadad's lake in Richmond Virginia. If I can swim in this dirty ass lake, you can grow your online business.

​That’s what I want working with me to feel like.​
(But maybe with a little more chlorine. 🤢)

And more graphic design than beer.

If you’re truly craving a partner in business, I’m your gal.

Hanging with other people who want to stop wasting money on the shiny sales page promises that just end up making you feel as regretful as I did after those champagne Big Gulps. 😳

Growing your business alongside people who inspire you to market your business in new, fresh, exciting, and honest ways.

People who want to create a business that puts people over profits. (But still makes money…cause that’s the goal, right?!)

If you’re nodding along, we need to chat. Not as a sales pitch, but as another human in this weird world of online business.

Relationships are what made my business what it is today, and you can’t just buy those as a fast-action bonus with some course. Ya know?

And I can honestly say that I love the humans in my network.

PS… at Hadad’s there was a rope swing and I’m picturing you swinging into my inbox on that! 🤣

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