What will you contribute to the Online Business World?

Image of a pile of circular, colored piece of paper in bright blues and yellows and reds. This week on Eff That: Breaking the Rules of Online Business where we talk about original contributions.

Here’s the thing about the online business world, everyone has a great new way for you to do something. Or they have a template that will make it so easy for you to implement whatever new thing you want to try.

But there’s a danger in that, because the more you listen to them, the less you listen to yourself.

And how can you come up with the next great idea if you’re just following everyone else’s?

In this episode I talk about:

  • I mean, no pressure you don’t HAVE to contribute anything, but you might do it by accident
  • How so many things we consider “normal” weren’t a thing until someone made them up
  • How can you make space in your life and brain for your next big idea?
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