Rebrand like a Rebel with Annie P. Ruggles

Big fun content podcast with annie p ruggles, hosted by deanna seymour with bright colored text and fun graphics

Annie P. Ruggles and I are here to let you know, rebranding doesn’t have to feel like a failure, and embracing your quirky branding doesn’t have to feel like you’re forcing it. Stay silly, friends!

How fun would it be when you’re looking at your brain dump list for your business and think “I could do any of these” instead of thinking, “I should stay in my lane.” You’re in for a sweet treat, because Annie P. Ruggles is here to to tell ya, “Do it anyway!” Stop worrying about the BS industry mandates. You can follow best practices and still be showing up as the best YOU in your business.

Annie is here to solve six figure boredom, founder burnout, and how to help you stand out in a crowded market where everyone feels like carb copies of everyone else. I love chatting with Annie and I know you’re gonna enjoy this one, so tune in, have fun, and learn a little!

Annie and I chat about:

  • Embrace your quirks. In a world that often values conformity, it’s time to celebrate what makes you unique.
  • Thinking outside the niche box! It’s time to expand and evolve within your niche. 
  • Don’t settle for cookie-cutter content. Break the mold and stand out from the crowd. 
  • Annie’s “The Coach Who Would Not Sell” book, and the unexpected lessons from it

Keep your Niche, and Grow a little: Let’s talk about Quirk Works

When Annie P. Ruggles was in the thick of it with the Non-Sleazy Sales Academy she started to feel herself being boxed into a niche of business that she loves, doing marketing funneling, brand awareness campaigns, a little bit of loverage (person-to-person relationship marketing).

Annie started to feel like she was mislabeling herself because she wanted to reach an audience beyond just marketing, while keeping her bubble of Non-Sleazy Sales Academy for people that needed the help.

Light bulb! 💡Quirk Works was born, as a parent company to Non-Sleazy Sales Academy. This allowed Annie to work Non-Sleazy Sales Academy as the sales arm of Quirk Works while being granted the spaciousness to grow and nurture new ideas!

Connect with Annie

For over a decade, Annie P. Ruggles has harnessed her Hulk-like disdain for hard-sales, tacky self-promotion, and overly competitive sleazeballs as inspiration to help people find better ways to grow their small businesses. As Founder of The Non-Sleazy Sales Academy & Quirk Works Consulting, she’s guided hundreds of people toward making deeper connections, lasting impressions, and friendlier, more lucrative transactions and conversations. Her pride and joy is her podcast, Too Legitimate to Quit: Instantly Actionable Small Business Strategies with a Pop Culture Spin.

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