Pop-Up Networking Party with Stacy Coyle

Stacy Coyle from Workplace Lemonade is a genius when it comes to customer journeys and creative ideas to wow your customers. I’m so excited that she’s agreed to co-host a Pop-Up Networking Party with me! 

So come hang with both of us on July 17 at 3pm and spend an hour making connecting with other rad business owners.

It’s an hour of fun breakout rooms with silly questions that’ll be fun conversations with new connections. 

And of course, a side of business too! See ya there! 👯‍♀️💥

Here’s a sneak peek at the questions inspired by Stacy…

1.) Stacy is amazing at thinking through the entire customer journey for her own clients and her client’s clients. What’s a brand that wowed you with their service, packaging, or follow up? And how can you incorporate those ideas into your business?

2.) Stacy is the creator of the Fruit Salad Audio Summit where each speaker has to pick a fruit to represent them in the salad. I chose Cherries when I was included in Season 2. What fruit would you choose and why?

3.) Stacy is the queen of speaking engagements and collaborations! What types of collaborations are you interested in working towards in your business?

More about Stacy Coyle:

Stacy Coyle is the guru of buyer experience strategies and the ultimate adventure guide for creating a customer journey. She explains exactly how we can enhance our customer experiences and bring our business to the next level of personalization so that our customer base knows exactly how we as business bosses are going to show up, and how they can look forward to our content.

Stacy breaks the customer journey down into tasty, bite-sized treats that are easy to understand, and a piece of cake to implement. By dividing the customer experience into customer journey and buyer experience, Stacy and I explore the impact of giveaways, post-sale nurturing, and the role of creativity in fostering genuine customer relationships.

And trust me, you’ll want to get on her list for dingle-hoppers, whose-its, and whats-its galore. 

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