Stop feeling guilty about these 3 things in your business

Abstract metallic looking graphic. This week on Eff That" Breaking the Rules of Online Business we're talking about removing the guilt from your workday.

Do you ever lead with guilt in your online business encounters?

My friend Emily Aborn recently reposted a thing on Instagram at said “Should is just a could with shame smeared all over it.” And I was like…. “Oooh that’s good!”

So what about you? Are you “shoulding all over yourself” when it comes to your business? If you’re thinking things like, “I should pay more attention to SEO.” or “I should be using Pinterest more.” You definitely are.

And here’s my take: it’s NOT serving you, so maybe it’s time to stop and just be ok with what you ARE doing?

  • Why you have to stop talking about what you should be doing, and let what you ARE doing be enough
  • Boundaries around communication
  • How you can ditch any guilt you have about courses you’ve bought in the past
  • What you can do moving forward before you buy another course
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