5 words that changed my life

Matt and I watched the Netflix documentary Stutz a couple weeks ago, and I cannot stop thinking about it.

It’s a documentary directed by Jonah Hill about his therapist named Phil Stutz. It’s truly fascinating, and within the first 20 minutes I had the biggest shift in my business brain I’ve had in a while.

Stutz talked about 3 aspects of reality that nobody gets to avoid…

A notecard on a pink and blue background that says, "3 Aspects of Reality: Pain, Uncertainty, and Hard Work"

At first you’re like, “Shit. Are you serious? NO ONE gets to avoid them?”

Stutz goes on to say that you’re just gonna have to live with those three things no matter what.

As an online business owner I started thinking… that means that every single sales page in the world is lying to you.

It’s a sales pages job to promise you a pain-free, totally confident, and super-easy path to success in your business.

Turns out, that’s just not a thing.

But like, not just for you. For ANYONE.

Shit’s hard. Period.

Hearing this made me realize that I’m not the only one that struggles. And also, that there’s no quick fix.

Sounds depressing, but there’s good news.

Stutz says that the path to happiness is learning to love the process.

And then BOOM. That’s when it hit me.

Online business owners are so focused on trying to get rid of the pain, uncertainty, and constant work that they’re stressed the EFF out.

If we all just realized that those are totally normal parts of the journey (aka: there’s nothing wrong with you) then you can chill the f*ck out and just go at your own pace.

Here’s an example in my life….

I was finding myself skipping the gym every morning.

As soon as I dropped my kids off I wanted to get to work because I had to get done as much as possible while the house was quiet.

I was telling myself that when I had a certain number of clients or dollars per month consistently I’d make time for the gym.

My boy Stutz helped me realize that I’m never going to feel like I can make room for the gym because there will always be pain, uncertainty, and constant work.

So guess what? The morning after I watched Stutz, my ass went to the gym. Because I’m working on enjoying the process of just living my life while growing my business.

(I haven’t been back since, but that’s a different email 😂)

I’ve decided to stop looking for the perfect shortcut, and just know that if it’s not whatever I’m working on today, it’ll be something tomorrow. Ya know? There will always be constant work.

Something else to overcome.

I don’t know about you, but that was INSANELY freeing to me.

What do you think?

Freeing or slightly depressing. I’d love to know your thoughts!

And if you haven’t watched the movie, do yourself a favor and check it out.  And then let’s chat about it! 

xo dd

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