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Your brand colors, fonts, and vibe brought to life in animated GIFs that you're gonna love!

The GIF shop is a fun pop up I do when I'm feeling extra creative, so if it's not open when you click on the buy button, you'll have the opportunity to join the wait list for the next round! Fair Warning: My last round sold out in under 24 hours! 🤯

Woo hoo, the GIF shop is currently

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perfect for:

  • logos
  • catch phrases
  • headshots
  • podcasts

(I only sell 30 each round, cause I'm only one lady!)

they're 30 bucks

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I'm obsessed with making GIFs for a few reasons...

Whattup? I'm Deanna!

It's the perfect way to sprinkle some fun into your brand without spending a fortune.

  • they're fun

Pop these bad boys in GIPHY and people can search for your GIFs and use them in their stories too!

  • they're shareable

They move, wiggle, flash, sass, inspire, and let you express yourself in your business in a bold way.

  • they're lively

Making GIFs lets me flex my creative art-making muscles and be as creative as I wanna be within the confines of your brand rules.

  • they're creative

A's for all your Q's...

How often do you do this?

I honestly just do it when I'm feeling extra creative or when I have some extra time in my schedule, or if I'm in between Real Housewives seasons and my evenings are more free. 😂

Can I give you my branding info?

Yes! After you buy, you'll fill out a form letting me know your vision for the GIF, that includes all your branding info and lets you upload your images.

How many rounds of edits do I get?

Most people usually just write me back things like, "OMFG I freaking love these" when they see them, so I'm confident you'll be stoked. But just in case we need to tweak anything, there's one round of revisions included. 

How much are they normally?

I don't usually sell one off GIFs. I only make them for my monthly clients or during a VIP Design Day. So this is just a thing I do for fun every once in a while for peeps who want a cool GIF without spending a ton.

Can I buy more than one?

You can buy as many as you'd like, but I only do 30 per round, so get on it!

Will they be searchable on GIPHY?

In order for them to be searchable on GIPHY you have to have a brand channel. I have a GIF course that walks you through how to do that and also how to make some more GIFs in Canva in case you become obsessed with these things like me. 

What if I have more questions?

You can just contact me and I can answer them!

Can't wait to get your hands on some GIFs?

(check out my DIY course)

What's included in the course?

Step by step Canva tutorials to create 8 different styles of GIFs!
Logos, Podcast Art, Design Elements, Brand Portraits, Calls to Action, Videos, Meme Style, and what I call a Switcheroo (when you know, you'll know)

All the deets on GIPHY including how to set up a basic account, apply for a brand channel, or how to use it to copy and past directly into Instagram (and why you might like that better)

Weekly Voxer Office Hours so you can ask questions (Mondays from 8am-2pm EST excluding holidays)

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