Creating A Biweekly Podcast Schedule to Avoid Burnout

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Why I’ve decided to slow down my podcast production and create biweekly episodes to avoid burnout.

When I rebranded the podcast, I was ready for business to boom, my podcast to skyrocket, and my content to be off the chain. Instead, I got caught up in vanity metrics and forgot to take my own advice (whoops!).

Our businesses are always changing, because our lives as real-life humans are always changing, right? The past few months I was rebranding the podcast with the message that we can create awesome content and connect to our clients by doing LESS. Then… I started to feel the stress building up, and it started to feel like I was on a hamster wheel, constantly busy and struggling to find time for other important activities like pitching to be on other shows and creating more of the content I love…

Because I wasn’t taking my own advice and I was doing TOO MUCH!

I want to walk the talk of being intentional and not feeling the pressure to be everywhere. I want to align my content creation with my message of making meaningful connections.

So I’m switching it up! I have made the decision to go back to biweekly episodes, and the relief I feel is like a big ol’ wave of calm. For me, it’s not about being the biggest podcast out there, but rather making a real impact, connecting with amazing people, and sharing information I love and am passionate about.

So, here’s a friendly reminder, if you feel like you’re being pulled in all directions. Take a moment to breathe and rethink your approach to your business. Chances are when you make the right choice it’s going to feel like a big, giant exhale.

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In this episode, I talk about:

  • The traps of vanity metrics and mixed messaging
  • Scaling back and prioritizing the good stuff
  • Taking my own advice, taking a step back, and taking a big breath

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