The Three P’s of the New Year…

So I’ve never really stuck with a word of the year, but I love the idea. 

One time I joked that my word of the year was “F*ck it.” It’s technically two, but it’s become a mantra for me in terms of letting go of perfectionism that I still say in my head often. 

It’s perfect for when you’re nervous and you want to try something new. Shrug your shoulders and say to yourself, “F*ck it, let’s just see what happens.” Then do the thing. 

I’ve tried to have other words of the year but I honestly can’t even remember most of them.

Last month I did a workshop in my friend Raina’s Waffles N’ Work group and we reflected on 2023. Then we talked about what we wanted to focus on in 2024. 

Raina’s work is about helping people with work-life balance, so we didn’t focus only on our businesses or money. We looked at the big picture of our lives. 

Turns out, I really want to work on my health this year. I had a sneaking suspicion that I wanted to work on that last year, so I did a little digging and apparently I proclaimed that Life Force was my word of the year last year, which I totally forgot about. 😂

This year I’m choosing three and I’m interested to see if they stick. Plus I love alliteration. 

Patient + Persistent + Predictable

I want my business to be as boring as possible. Don’t get me wrong, it’s already FUN. I’m gonna keep the same level of fun in 2024. But I don’t need to reinvent the wheel all the time. 

No more creating just for the sake of creating. 

If I want to be creative I want to ask myself: What could I do OUTSIDE my business that could be creative and fun?

I have some great systems in place in my business.

🎧 The bi-weekly podcast (feels spacious and amazing)

👯‍♀️ I’m adding some pop up networking parties (stay tuned for that)

📅 There’s quarterly coworking open houses in Content Playhouse

I have two amazing FREE courses that I’m super proud of:

💖 Less Content, More Connection

🚫 Stop Buying Courses

I really don’t need to use this year to create. I need to use this year to keep doing what I’m doing on repeat to test these things out and see some data. 

And it’s imperative that I get ahead of my ADHD brain and let it know that we’re gonna LEAVE THINGS ALONE! 

But also reassure myself that I can be creative in other ways in my life. 🥰

Speaking of my life outside of my business. I REALLY want to be on my phone less and I’m feeling pulled to delete social media off my phone entirely for a while and see how it affects both my business and my mental health. 

I’m planning on posting zero reels and just sharing graphics about events and podcasts I’m hosting or taking part in. It’ll be stories over on Instagram and simple posts on LinkedIn with short captions. You know I hate a long caption – to read or write. 😬

And full disclosure: my VA Emily will post these for me. But I’ll pop onto both platforms on my desktop (during work hours) to connect with anyone who’s commented or sent a DM my way. 

I’m not sure how long this social media break will last, but I’m thinking about trying to stick it out for all of Q1 so I can really get a feel for what it means to both my mental health and my business. 

Since one of my brand values is experimentation I wanted to tell you about it. And have no fear, I’ll definitely report back when I have more data. 

Here’s to a predictable 2024!


PS… Speaking of being on social media less and connecting with humans more, I created this static 9 grid for Cara Steinmann & her Ravel Collective. If you feel like you can’t escape the clutches of social media, it’s a great way to show up there without having to actually show up there! Hit me up if you’d like to chat about working with me to create one for you! 

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