How can you hustle less in 2024?

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Let’s talk about how to build a business that won’t lead to burn out.

Tune in and find out how I zero in on what’s important in my business, the boundaries I stand by, and some of the people who helped me find my “ah-ha” moments.

Here’s the thing, I talk a lot about anti-hustle, but that doesn’t mean your business will be hustle-free. So I am gonna share some ways that I break out of the bad hustle habits and make sure I am prioritizing my life in ways that feel good.

Plus, you can hear the words I picked for my business in 2024…




Those three words kind of go with anti-hustle, right?

In this episode I talk about:

  • Stop moving the goalpost, or you’ll never reach those goals!
  • Make your money in a way that feels good. Don’t take it from time with your family, underpaid staff, or from underserving your customer
  • How I joined Waffles and Work hosted by my friend, Raina Willick, and could not be more excited

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