Setting Boundaries with Kami Orange

Imperfect Party Podcast Cover with Kami Orange with Teal har and bright orange dress with arms up and smiling to the sky. Title reads "How to Set Boundaries and Avoid Resentment". Episode #35.

Listen here:

In this episode we cover:

  • The difference between a sunshine personality and a storm personality
  • The perfect recipe for setting boundaries that you can customize to your personality
  • The conflict escalator framework
  • Why you’re better at setting boundaries than you think

More about Kami Orange:

KaKami Orange (she/her) is a Boundary Life Coach for queer, neurodivergent, and trauma survivors who are learning how to set their own boundaries while also parenting the next generation. 

She is the creator of the #ConsentGeneration movement on TikTok with over 54 thousand followers and 3.5 million video views. A retired psychic medium and international keynote speaker, Kami has worked with over 430 clients in the past 11 years from 7 different countries (US, Canada, Peru, Germany, Hungary, UK, Sweden).

In addition to offering one-on-one coaching and online courses, Kami speaks to audiences about her proprietary “Conflict Escalator” framework for knowing exactly what to do when you need to set a boundary. Find out more about Kami and follow her on TikTok.

A quote graphic that reads, "I don't think that means you're bad at boundaries. It just means you haven't found the boundary recipe that works for you." -Kami Orange
With a photo of Kami Orange in the bottom left and a scribble heart in the bottom right.

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