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Deanna Seymour wears a yellow top and is smiling-yelling at the camera with both hands around her mouth like a megaphone. She's standing against a brick wall with a bunch of cool black & white graffiti on it.

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What’s up in this episode:

  • This is just a quick trailer with some crazy hilarious music. I just wanted to let y’all know that it’s coming your way in March!

More about why I’m doing this:

Being a business owner is hard, but you know what makes it harder? Being inundated with information, formulas, templates, and roadmaps. And the idea that if you pay money for another course, it’ll fix everything.

I’ve fallen for it, and I wanted to share my experience with you. I was feeling a little snarky when I recorded this, so I’m spillin’ tea and throwing lots of shade… 

It started with this masterclass, which is really just my take on all the boss babes out there capitalizing on our insecurities and me reminiscing about the time I was basically in a Jenna Kutcher cult. Just kidding… sort of.

But now I want to have more conversations about this stuff, and talk about other ways you can start and run a business that doesn’t follow all the bullshit rules.

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