A Conversation with Tarzan Kay

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Listen here:

In this episode we cover:

  • Tarzan’s journey in the online business space
  • How courses aren’t inherently bad
  • The changes Tarzan and her team have made to their business
  • How people can start to think about themselves separate from their business

More about Tarzan Kay:

Tarzan Kay is a former copywriter-for-hire who specializes in emails that are fun to read, and more addictive than Netflix. 

Her online courses teach how to write story-based copy and make consistent sales from a small email list, without using fear or FOMO.  Her company’s mission is to make high-integrity marketing the new status quo for online business.

In a previous life, Tarzan was a music major and once did a 3-year stint in law school, in French!  When T-Boss isn’t writing emails, you’ll find her taking mid-day dunks in the ice bath or playing Billy Joel’s greatest hits on the piano.

You can find her on Instagram or her website.

Tarzan Kay quote in a yellow box that reads, "And it wasn't until that point that I started to actually listen to the voices of those who have been harmed by the industry." - Tarzan Kay, Imperfect Party podcast

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