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How to Be An Online Business Rebel

So I’ve been listening to a lot of 90’s music while I’m working. And I keep having hilarious ideas for reels that probably will only really be funny to me.  Like this one. 

It’s from the Hole Album Live Through This, which was pretty much the soundtrack to my high school career. I was like the women in the 80’s who basically dressed like Madonna impersonators every day.

That was me. 😅

✅ Bleach blonde hair.
✅ Baby doll dresses.
✅ Mary Jane shoes.
✅ Baby barrettes.
✅ Ripped thigh highs.

I even took guitar lessons for a hot second. I was a total rebel.

A collage of Deanna Seymour in high school with bleach blonde hair, a Hole poster, a black and white guitar, an amp, some vintage baby barrettes, and the color of Sassy magazine with Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain.

But not the kind of rebel who would skip school or smoke in the bathroom. 🤘

The kind of rebel who was the editor-in-chief of the yearbook and who drafted a petition so that girls could wear pants to graduation. 🤓

I was all like, “It’s 1999. How can they FORCE women to wear dresses?” 🙄

I’m pretty sure I called it “anachronistic” when I wrote the letter to the principal with all the signatures of my classmates attached. (Real talk: My yearbook advisor came up with that word.)

The point is, I’ve ALWAYS questioned the status quo. But I like to think I’ve done it in a smart, sassy, by-the-book kind of way.

When I entered the Online Business world I felt like an outsider and I really wanted to make money, so I thought I had to do what everyone else was doing.

That path led me away from my sassy rebellious roots and left me confused, broke, and ready to quit.

It wasn’t until I decided to just say “fuck it”  one of my mantras  that’s actually made a difference in my life over the years and do my own thing that I started attracting clients and getting paid to do what I love.

I LOVE helping others show up in their business however the eff they want to. You can be a total weirdo-Courtney-Love-wannabe and still attract your dream clients.

You might think  buying courses  and using templets and following other people’s formulas will help you make money faster, but it slows you down.

You end up being a copy of a copy of a copy and erase what makes YOU special in the first place. There’s a ton of (insert whatever you do here) out there.

The thing that makes you different is YOU.

So if you can show up with more of that energy, that’s when you’re gonna connect with your perfect-fit clients. You lil’ freak. 😘

xo dd

PS…  on the podcast this week  I’m chatting with Laura Haver about Making Space For More Play which can totally be considered an act of rebellion in the hustle culture we all find ourselves in these days.

Client Feature:

3 pinned instagram posts with images of Natty Frasca and the words "the feminine rebellion" and "every woman is born a leader and when we recognize this collectively... we will harness the power to push massive ripples of love + justice into this mad world." and So, Let's F*cking Go!"

Speaking of being a rebel, my client Natty Frasca over at  The Feminine Rebellion  is here to help women tap into their pleasure + power. We did a  VIP day  where I created some podcast pitches for her to expand her reach in 2023. I also created these 3 pinned posts so people know exactly who she is and what she does when they land on her Instagram grid. It’s a great way to test out a static 9 grid if you’re not quite ready to fully commit.  Hit me up  if you’d like to work together on something you’ve got brewing in that beautiful brain of yours.

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