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Building Community + Cuppa Catch Ups™ with Mai-kee Tsang

Mai-kee Tsang and I chat about how to practice consistency with your intentions in convos with your audience. Tune in and find out how to show up for your audience, with no sales pitch prepared, or hidden agenda (even for introverts in an extroverted world!) This episode is filled to the brim with brilliance from […]

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Make Content More like YOU

Automations save time, but are you losing touch with your audience? Let’s dive into questioning conventional business advice and balancing automation with personal connection so that you can start creating content that feels like an extension of YOU! We wanna work with people we like, and people that take the time to interact with us, […]

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Rebrand like a Rebel with Annie P. Ruggles

Annie P. Ruggles and I are here to let you know, rebranding doesn’t have to feel like a failure, and embracing your quirky branding doesn’t have to feel like you’re forcing it. Stay silly, friends! How fun would it be when you’re looking at your brain dump list for your business and think “I could […]

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Less Content & More Connection with Tara McMullin

I am talking to Tara McMullin about ditching the “Grow or Die” mindset, and creating content that doesn’t adhere to every social media algorithm (spoiler alert: no one knows how to adhere to them anyways). Does it ever feel like you simply cannot keep up with the demand to make more and more and more […]

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How to Run an Anti-Capitalist Business with Bear Hebert

Bear Hebert and I discuss their course Freely and redefining how to set anti-capitalist small-business financial goals. When I first started growing my business, I found myself wondering, “Am I a capitalist?” It’s crazy how the whole money-making thing sometimes feels like it comes with an unwarranted side of guilt. But then, I stumbled upon […]

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Less Content… But Better

Why focusing on one type of content will create less work for you and better content for your audience. If you don’t LOVE the content you’re creating, your audience probably won’t either. What if you just concentrated on the things you LOVE doing. If you could only do ONE type of content in your business, […]

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The Final Episode of Eff That & What’s Coming Next

It’s the end of Eff That but there’s BIG FUN Content coming your way! OMG! I’ve been waiting to record this episode for a hot second.  My ADHD brain gets so excited when I have a new idea that I usually want to shout it from the rooftops immediately, but I’ve been letting this one […]

Building a Community Online with Cara Steinmann

Cara Steinmann and I talk about how & why she started The RAVEL Collective What do you think of when you think of networking? Is it all stuffy BNI sort of meetings? Rules, awkward small talk, and feeling pressure to show up professionally…yikes. I used to think that too. Until I joined The RAVEL collective. […]

Learning to Love Launching with Jacki Hayes

Jacki Hayes is here to help us chill out when it comes to launching Do you hate launching? I do. 😳 At least I did before we recorded this episode! The truth is, I don’t really launch stuff very often in my business because I thought that I hated it. I was following a formula […]

ChatGPT, ICAs, & Brand Messaging with Cassie Paton

When you’re asked to introduce yourself in a zoom networking meeting, do you know what to say or do you feel like you just ramble until someone saves you?

I’m a rambler for sure sometimes. But that might mean we gotta work on our brand messaging.

Making Sure Your Collaborations Are Aligned

My friend Vickie Kelty sent me something that I’m seriously so bummed about this weekend. It’s an online seminar called ‘The Art of Livin.’  L-I-V-I-N. If that’s ringing a bell, it’s because it’s Matthew McConaughey’s character from Dazed and Confused. So, what does he have to do with an online seminar? Well, he’s teaming up with […]

Great Online Business Teachers with Azhelle Wade

Azhelle Wade (aka The Toy Coach) are talking about how to best serve our students in online courses! Now, I know I just put out Steal This Course, which is all about helping you get over the shame you might feel around courses they’ve bought in the past and not gotten results from. And helping […]

Raina Willick and waffles with the words eff that: breaking the rules of online business hosted by Deanna Seymour.

Waffles n’ Work: Coworking Ideas with Raina Willick

Do you think coworking could help you get more done in your business? Do you ever look around for something and you can’t find what you’re looking for? I feel like that’s the beginning of a lot of Shark Tank pitches. That’s when we came up with it Sharks… Waffles n’ Work!  Just kidding. But […]

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Unlock Your Creative Potential with Paulette Erato

Can everyone really be creative? Even you? Lemme ask you this… do you consider yourself creative? If you don’t why not? Is it because you’re not artistic? Or maybe because you “can’t draw”?  Well, today I’m chatting with Paulette Erato all about creativity, and I’m hoping it’ll help you see yourself in a whole new […]

Taran Conwell wearing a white t-shirt, peach skirt and jean jacket and waving at the camera. At the bottom it reads, "eff that: breaking the rules of online business, hosted by deanna seymour"

The Naptime Hustle Myth with Taran Conwell

Is working from home with your kiddos around really as easy as they say? Today we’re talking about the famous naptime hustle. That sounds like a dance, but ya know it means you can be a stay at home mom and have a job and make money! Well in the online business world, lots of […]

Shootin’ the Sh!t About Weekly Newsletters with Julie Brown

What makes a weekly newsletter connect with your audience? Today I’m chatting with my client-turned-friend Julie Brown. She’s a keynote speaker, networking expert, author, and podcaster. And she’s funny as shit, which is why I think we’re a match made in heaven. I’m Julie’s right hand ma’am when it comes to all her content, including […]

Making Space For More Play with Laura Haver

What would happen in your life and business if you made more time for play? Today on the show I’m talking to Lara Haver about how (and why) you should infuse more fun into your life and business. When you’re a solopreneur it’s pretty hard to draw that hard line between life and business. Especially […]

Habit Change for Creatives with Lara Buelow

Why do we struggle with goals and how can we make them more fun & sustainable? Have you ever felt like you sucked at making goals? I mean, maybe you’re good at making them but it’s the keeping them part that you’re not so hot at? Ok, same. And this episode is for us. I’m […]

My Super Low Tech Workflow for A Podcast Series

How to create an easy workflow for your podcast series: I’m a one-woman show over here, so it’s super important for everything I do to be fairly simple, or else I won’t stick to it. And podcast series have been crucial to me growing my network and my email list. So I wanted to go […]

Why Host a Podcast Series for FUN?

Is hosting a private podcast series right for you and your business? It could be, it’s up to you and your style. But this year when I was hosting my Anti-Hustle Holiday Countdown, one of the guests asked me how something so seemingly NOT about business actually helps my business. And to be honest for […]

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