Online Business Templates- Templates Won’t Get You There Faster

Templates Won’t Get You There Faster

But the main differentiator in your business is YOU. If you rely too much on other people’s road maps, you start to lose your edge. The real reason people decide to work with you. 

Black bear with cocaine mountains and green trees wearing 80s sunglasses and bloody claw marks graphics

What Genre is Your Short Form Video Strategy?

This morning Matt and I had this conversation: Me: Guess what I’m going to write my email about this week?” Matt: No telling. Me: Cocaine Bear. It’s based on a real life bear that ingested nearly 75 pounds of cocaine that was dropped from an airplane by a drug smuggler in 1985. Ok, so the […]

90's 4th grade class photo with teachers on risers in the library

My Favorite (and least favorite) Teachers Growing Up

Did you have a favorite teacher growing up? I had a few. 🥰 Mrs. Kidd, my 4th grade teacher. (Why am I so mad?!?) Ms. Roman, my middle school art teacher. Ms. Payne, my high school yearbook advisor. They were the best of the best. Which made me start thinking about the worst of the […]

Collage with clip art of data and analytics with a retro computer and a pizza with a slice out of it and an emoji of a middle finger and the words fuck data, let's party!

Podcast Analytics – The Online Business Rebel Way

I accidentally got sucked into my podcast analytics this week and it almost got me down. I was on a call with my coach and we were talking about my podcast and I pulled up the analytics in Hello Audio. The numbers were down. Like, way way down. It brought me right back to my […]

What if you’re not creative?

Let’s get real for a second. A HUGE part of making great content is creativity. Coming up with ideas and then sharing them in a way that’s interesting to people is a tall order and can feel really hard. Especially if you don’t consider yourself “creative.” And everyone’s just walking around acting like “making content” […]

A screenshot of Deanna Seymour's Static 9 Grid on Instagram. With the words, "Showing up on Instagram less, but looking good doing it..." with outer space in the background.

How to Approach the Static 9 Grid on Instagram

Have you heard people talking about something called a static 9 grid over on Instagram? I first heard about it when I recorded a series all about breaking the rules of social media. I talked with Kristen over at Going Ultra Violet and I couldn’t wait to really dive into this idea and see what […]

Outerspace and an explosion of color and a chart with a video posting content plan.

I’m getting sucked back in by social media, but I have a plan…

I say that I HATE scrolling on my phone. Yet… I find myself doing it more than I’d like. 🙄 Back in the spring of 2020 I quit all social media. It lasted 6 weeks until I was really feeling a pull to get back on Instagram, so I did. Fast forward to now, and… […]

Sparkly crocs, leopard shirt, and green iced coffee cup with straw. Standing on a gravel road with tiny pebbles.

Be Ready to Hustle (but only if you want to)

Here’s what the email said: “We are thrilled to have you and your child/children join us for the Running Club!  Layer up for warmth!” Even though they said it would be back in the Spring, which officially isn’t until the 20th, running club is back at my kid’s school. 🙄 Wake up 20 minutes early, […]

A collage of a cell phone with Steal This Course the audio course on the screen. Deanna Seymour in a hooded vest peeking out and making a funny face, and a pain of white headphones.

Why I Love Trading Time for Money…

I have less than a week to finish up all the recordings and worksheets for  Steal This Course . 😳 I’m totally on track to finish, but you wanna hear something wild… my planning and scripts Google Doc is 54 pages!!! This course is gonna be SO GOOD. And I’m so proud of it. Then I’m […]

A small seashell with google eyes and purple plastic shoes glued onto it standing on some bricks next to some grey rusted and peeling paint.

Life + Business Advice From A Shell

We watched Marcel the Shell with Shoes On last weekend. I might be a lil’ out of touch, but I JUST realized that they created a feature-length film. And that it was nominated for an Oscar. And that the dude who made it is from Richmond, VA. (Where I’ve lived for over 20 years.) 🤯 […]

A collage of Zack Morris playing a broom as a guitar with blue sunglasses on. There are 90s graphic elements around him and fanned out $100 bills and an alarm clock. The words "Eff that: breaking the rules of online business hosted by Deanna Seymour" are at the bottom.

What Zack Morris + Online Business Owners Have in Common

Here’s the deal. I get this whole idea of not trading time for money. It sounds great. I don’t have to work, and I get money. You know what else sounds great? Winning the lottery. Or like that episode of Saved By the Bell when they were at the mall early to try to get […]

Bowl of chips and salsa and a small bowl of limes with the word CLIENTS written overtop in the same font style as the sitcom Friends.

Why I’m Not Into Ideal Client Avatars

Fun fact about me. I don’t like the whole idea of an ideal client avatar. I mean, you do gotta kinda think about who you want to work with.  But that’s hard to do if you don’t have any actual clients yet. Then you end up creating some weird frankenstein person who has one kid, […]

A black background with white polka dots and random letters that spell out "You are more than your niche" there are two stacks of vanilla cupcakes in the corners.

You Are More Than Your Niche

This week’s podcast episode with my client Julie Brown made me want to re-do my entire website. 😳 Even though I talk about being a rebel and doing things your own way, I realized I was still holding back on my website because I felt like I had to “narrow down my niche.” But guess […]

A collage of Deanna Seymour in high school with bleach blonde hair, a Hole poster, a black and white guitar, an amp, some vintage baby barrettes, and the color of Sassy magazine with Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain.

How to Be An Online Business Rebel

So I’ve been listening to a lot of 90’s music while I’m working. And I keep having hilarious ideas for reels that probably will only really be funny to me. Like this one. It’s from the Hole Album Live Through This, which was pretty much the soundtrack to my high school career. I was like […]

Collage of a pickle on a fork over a polish cityscape with dill around the edges and Christmas lights on the top and bottom.

Pickle Soup

Yup, pickle soup. Sounds weird, right? That’s kinda what made me wanna try it. 🤷‍♀️😬 Kristen Bell made it on a lil’ holiday show I watched the other day called Baking It. Apparently, it’s a Polish tradition? So when I headed to the grocery, I had on my list: POLISH Pickle, not Kosher. The recipe made […]

Tie dye background with a transparent white triangle on top split into three sections: body at the bottom, people in the middle, and yourself at the top. The bottom reads: Life Force Phil Stutz.

I’ve been neglecting these 3 things…

I’ve still been processing that documentary I talked about a few weeks ago called Stutz. And it kind of inspired me to choose a word of the year. Technically two words. Are you ready for them? 💥 LIFE FORCE Cool right? Kinda star warsie. 🤣 I even released a podcast episode about “life force”. But if […]

Don’t Sleep on Your Life Force

I love the IDEA of a word of the year, but if I’m being honest, they don’t usually stick for me. My most successful one was Fuck it. 🤣 Which is technically two. But that really helped me lean into just going for things and experimenting with stuff.  “Should I try this?”“What if it doesn’t […]

I’m a little too proud of myself for this…

I quit the gym this week. It was kinda funny because I feel like most people are JOINING the gym the first week of the new year. 🤷‍♀️ I always join with high hopes and then fizzle like a mother. Plus, Matt and I are trying really hard to get on a budget and when […]

5 words that changed my life

Matt and I watched the Netflix documentary Stutz a couple weeks ago, and I cannot stop thinking about it. It’s a documentary directed by Jonah Hill about his therapist named Phil Stutz. It’s truly fascinating, and within the first 20 minutes I had the biggest shift in my business brain I’ve had in a while. […]

The heart wants what the heart wants…

Tomorrow’s the big day. We’ll load the kids up in the minivan and head down to Santa’s Wonderland at the local Bass Pro Shop to visit the big guy. I kept saying I wanted to bring them early to really lock in their answers when it came to gifts. I DO NOT want any last […]

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